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Movement and Yoga Education


Dietary Education

Health Goal-Setting

Start.  Maintain.  Build.  A healthier you.

Eastern practices have a deep knowledge of how lifestyle can be aligned to nature's rhythms, and it's a knowledge available for us to adapt into our lives for health and healing.  We just need to know how to, and be willing to, make the changes necessary.


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Jennifer focuses on teaching Kundalini Yoga and Remedial Yoga practices.  Her instruction incorporates lessons from teachers including Joe Rich, Kirn and Dr. Guruchander Khalsa, Sat Siri Khalsa, and more.  Consultations with Jennifer incorporates effective movement and other yogic practices, and informed lifestyle changes.  


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Important Partners:

Victor Briere MAIN PROFILE_edited.jpg

Victor Briere

Ayurvedic Doctor, Co-Founder of the Int'l Institute of Ayurveda

Joe Professional Photo USE THIS ONE_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Joe Rich

Founder, the Center for Applied Consciousness

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