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About Jennifer


My work in Kundalini Yoga and Remedial Yoga is built on the foundation of my own practice.  To learn about my 15 years of yoga study, practice, and teaching, read my bio below.  

In 2012 I earned a B.A. in Psychology and Sustainable Development, learning and teaching the interconnection between our personal psychology and our the environments we construct.  It becomes clear in watching patterns of psychology and ecological distress that these two topics were affecting each other in a cyclical way.  There was a piece missing to this puzzle - how do we change ourselves to be kinder to our own health, kinder in relationships, and kinder to the environment?  This missing piece became increasingly prominent as I pursued a career with small and large building firms, and and joined committees in green building organizations from 2012-2015.  I experienced a disconnect working with people trying to save the planet from destruction while suffering from their own personal devastating health concerns that were often lifestyle related.

Unsatisfied about the efforts we were taking, I went on a journey to find what would be a better approach.  I had begun practicing yoga and meditation myself since 2007, and had studied numerous yoga styles including vinyasa, hatha, and 'power.'  None of those I learned from taught in a way which truly encompassed the relationship between what was happening 'on-the-mat' and what was happening 'off the mat.'  In 2013, I walked into a Kundalini Yoga class and found a practice which did this, and began taking weekly classes with whom became my regular teacher and mentor Joe "Gurubhai" Rich.  We increased our regular classes to two times a week, and created Satsangs, Kirtan, and other events.  

I paired my yoga practice with an ayurvedic diet, also aligned with Kundalini Yoga teachings, and in the middle of 2013 began visiting an ayurvedic doctor.  Through this work, the major health concerns that were leading me down a road of tests and potential medications were reversed within 8 months.  As I continued these practices, I reversed muscular-skeletal alignment issues that I had previously been referred to doctors for, experienced a variety of improvements in my physical health, and saw incredible improvement in the integrity of my mind, emotions, and relationships.  I was enthralled.  I joined a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program and was certified before the end of 2015.

Through 2019, I was employed in management-level positions that often had demanding, erratic schedules.  Implementing yoga and health practices brought many challenges which required regular solution-seeking.  I needed to be flexible, regularly updating my toolbox with new approaches to the professional, social, and personal aspects of my life in ways that continued to maintain and improve my health.


In 2019 I took the opportunity to exit the employee-employer structure and began teaching the tools I had learned while working demanding jobs.  I formed a non-profit (the Applied Consciousness Initiative, 501(c)(3)), recruited board members and began working with peers to teach yoga, diet for yoga practice, and healthy lifestyle choices.  At the beginning of 2020, the non-profit also opened a bakery/cafe in the midst of the global pandemic to offer healthy food and education to individuals and families on a fully donation basis.  I directed all operations and finances, organic and unprocessed food sourcing, all bakery operations, and assisted daily lunch preparation.  Food was offered on a donation basis, and we organized with a community member to deliver meals to those who did not have mobility to come on their own.

In 2020, I also became a business and accounting advisor for the Center for Applied Consciousness, and the International Institute of Ayurveda.

In 2021, I co-authored, designed, and edited a cookbook "Ayurveda Global Cuisine."  Click to download.

In 2022, Healing Resolve was founded to focus on teaching Kundalini Yoga and Remedial Yoga practices.  My instruction incorporates lessons from my teachers including Joe Rich, Kirn and Dr. Guruchander Khalsa, Sat Siri Khalsa, and more.  I invite you to reach out to me to talk about everything we can do together to improve and support your health goals.  I work together with colleagues and partners to present workshops and retreats.


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