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The Journey to Reconnect with the Self
A Women's Retreat in Tuscany, Italy


Yoga & Meditation  *  Guided Round-Table Discussions  *  Healthy Plant-Based Meals

September 29th through October 5th, 2023.

Deposit: $450

Final Payment: $400

Duration: 6 Days

Montepulciano Victor Lisa Joe.JPG

The Journey to Reconnect with the Authentic Self is a long-studied, perennial task.  How do we go about reconnecting with the Self?  What tools can we have at our side to help us do this?  What can it feel like, and what can we experience when we take this journey and tighten the connection to our Self?  In Italy, Amidst the serene and rolling Tuscan countryside, we will step out of the daily demands of life together and step into a framework of reflective groupwork.  And when exploring the historic area of Montepulciano, you'll surely spark your eros for life.

“If you really take eroticism in the mystical sense of the word, it’s actually a closeness with the divine.  It’s about transcendence and it’s about otherness.”  Esther Perel


Each day will start with a yoga and meditation session.  Explore the kundalini yoga style with a teacher who will adjust the series to beginner, medium, and advanced levels.

The focus of our days will revolve around our theme “The Journey to Reconnect with the Self.”  We will explore the teachings of important leaders in spiritual, emotional, and physical practices through videos, books, and quotes.  The facilitators will host guided round table discussions on the topics to dive deep and allow connections between participants to bloom.  Some of the ‘thought leaders’ and their focuses who we will use to launch discussions include Brenee Brown on vulnerability; Gabor Mate on the authentic self and compassionate inquiry; Esther Perel on the love-eroticism polarity; Joseph Campbell on the hero’s journey, and more.


“There is the type of friendship where we are companions on the journey – we connect, we help each other support the truth in one another, with a mutual sense of having the other’s best interests at heart.  A real friend challenges you where you can’t see yourself and loves you in the process.  He or she can accept you as you are and at the same time encourage you to keep growing and expanding.  And you give each other encouragement to take the risks needed, becoming more vulnerable to one another and more transparent to your limitless nature.  A real friendship has at it’s roots the willingness to see the truth, and that’s the gift you give to the world.” – Unknown


We will be providing delicious, plant-based vegan meals and refreshing teas each day and night.  Two evenings, we will also enjoy meals out at local Italian eateries.  Being easy on the digestion leaves more energy for deep conversation and reflection on our topics.


Each day there will be free time to explore the beautiful town of Montepulciano.  Walking and hiking paths around the Tuscan countryside abound.  There are also opportunities to visit olive oil tastings, art galleries, craftsman shops, thermal bath spas, historical tours, beautiful scenic look-outs, and more.  We will schedule some opportunities, and other opportunities can be available at your own desire.



  • Yoga & Pranayam every morning, delivered for all levels.

  • Community breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Two of the dinners included will be hosted at local Italian restaurants

  • Morning classes on topics such as vulnerability, compassionate inquiry, the love-eroticism polarity, the hero’s journey, and more.

  • Afternoon leisure time to explore the town of Montepulciano, nearby activities & the surrounding natural environment.  

  • Evening round-table discussions with dinner.


The inclusive fee for this week is $850 USD (or 805 Euro).​



  • Any airfare, bus, or taxi fees to arrive in Montepulciano by Friday at 4pm. Please reach out to us or visit the following site for assistance:  TripSavvy-Montepulciano.  Close to the program dates, we can help connect participants interested in sharing taxis together.

  • Departure from Montepulciano the following Thursday.

  • Lodging, which is available in Montepulciano for budget through luxury.  We have friends who own guest houses, and also have a friend who is a travel agent, to help you.

  • Any extra food or shopping expenses.

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Journey to the Self 2023 Flyer

Jennifer Day

News as of June 4th, 2023!


We are attempting to secure visas for two amazing Indian classical musicians, one who is a violinist and the who is a tabla player.  If we can get this to happen, then two of India's leading classical musicians will be at your doorstep to assist your yoga and meditations with beautiful music.

Meet Swapna Datar and Vibhav Khandolkar!

Vibhav Khandolkar and Swapna Datar.jpeg

Swapna Datar

Indian Classical Violinist

Swapna Datar is a sincere artist who is gradually creating her own niche in the field of Hindustani Art Music as a Violinist. She presents solo Violin concerts and has also accompanied many distinguished vocalists. Swapna has equal command over both right hand and left hand techniques in Violin, which is bowing and fingering in Violin. Her Violin playing is featured with gradual unfolding of Raga with embellishments such as Meend, Gamak, Khatka, Taan, etc. syncopated with complex and interesting Tala patterns. Her performance gives a soothing and delightful experience to listeners. Swapna Datar is a loving person with a million dollar smile, and her contemplative personality reflects in her music! 

Vibhav Kandolkar

Indian Classical Tabla

Born in Goa, Vibhav Khandolkar got his first guidance of Tabla from Mr. Pundalik Kalangutkar and then from Mr. Tulsidas Navelkar.  Presently undergoing advance training under Mr. Ramdas Palsule in Pune, Vibhav has accompanied with famous artists such as Anand Bhate, Shaunak Abhisheki, Kaivalya Kumar Gurav, Pt. Prabhaka Karekar, Praveen Sheolikar, Aarti Anklikar, Devaki Pandit, Manjusha Kulkarni, Swapna Datar, Kala Ramnath and many more in India.  He has also performed in Gulf Countries. He has shown his excellent performance in many Sangeeth Samaroha.  Vibhav is steadily carving a place in the world of Tabla.

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