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World-Wide Retreats

In addition to one-on-one and semi-private sessions, I also host retreats.  Periodic immersions into health are irreplaceable, and can take different forms.  These retreats reflect how I have created immersions for myself and for others.  One of the downfalls to personal health is the social pressures of daily living and during travel - some retreats I host and co-create are quiet retreats, and some are intentionally more social.  Below are the retreats currently scheduled, and I hope that you can join me.

The Journey to Reconnect with the Self in Tuscany, Italy

September 29th through October 5th, 2023.

The Journey to Reconnect with the Authentic Self is a long-studied, perennial task.  How do we go about reconnecting with the Self?  What tools can we have at our side to help us do this?  What can it feel like, and what can we experience when we take this journey and tighten the connection to our Self?  In Italy, amidst the serene and rolling Tuscan countryside, we will step out of the daily demands of life together and step into a framework of reflective groupwork.  And when exploring the historic area of Montepulciano, you'll surely spark your eros for life.

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